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About us

Welcome to "Gender Free Japanese"!

We are a small group of Japanese individuals who were deeply moved by the LGBTQIA+ parade called "Mardi Gras," and we established this organization in 2022. Same-sex marriage is not yet recognized in Japan. As a result, many LGBTQIA+ individuals experience feelings of confinement and choose to hide their true selves, living in the shadows of their past.

Moreover, for same-sex partners who do not hold Japanese citizenship, there are limited options for living in Japan. Resolving these issues solely within Japan has proven to be a challenging task, thus we seek to raise awareness about this reality in the world, where understanding and acceptance of diversity exist, and reach out for external support.

One of the significant influences on our efforts has been the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Our goal is to improve LGBTQIA+ rights and promote diversity within Japanese society. We strive to collaborate with domestic and international experiences, working alongside the government, relevant institutions, and international human rights organizations to facilitate legal and societal reforms.

Through our activities, we aim to instill hope and courage in LGBTQIA+ individuals and their allies. Join us as we take a step forward towards achieving an inclusive and equitable society.

Let's take action together to shape a better future. Your voice and support are crucial. Join us on this journey to respect diversity and build a society based on equality.


The team at "Gender Free japanese"

Gender Free Japanese




GFJ co-representative

Living in Sydney, the most clumsy in the world.  From an early age, he felt that life was difficult, and as an adult he was diagnosed with ADHD. After moving abroad, I was moved by the environment where people can accept different things, and I want to create a world where everyone respects each other, so I started GFJ. Co-representative of GFJ.



GJF Co-Representative

Selected female-born masculinity. Living in Sydney. In Japan, I used to live in hiding my past self, but when I saw people who were concerned about themselves openly appealing themselves at Sydney Marti Gras, I chose to be myself as I am. Engaged in various activities as co-representative of GFJ.

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